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15th DECEMBER 2005:
Today I bought a speedo which I needed to finish the restoration of my motor cycle. It is a Smith's Chronometric speedo which has had the mechanism fully restored. It has been reset to zero, and is a real work of art. It was reasonably expensive, but they are hard to get and this one is really good. I have been looking for a long time now, and this is the first one I have found that wasn't junk, and didn't need lots done to it. And let's face it, the blokes who know all about these old instruments (and can restore them) are getting older and harder to find.

I can still remember the Smith's Chronometric speedo which was on my first motorbike, many years ago. I rode everywhere on the motorbike, which was a 1951 BSA 350cc single, and I never exceeded the speed limit, which was then 35 miles per hour.

Or perhaps the speedo needle got stuck at 35 mph?